What we do:

Patient Engagement

VerbalCare makes "engagement" accessible for all. Using VerbalCare at their bedside, patients are able to meaningfully engage in their care. Regardless of language or physical ability, patients can communicate their needs with efficiency and accuracy.

Care Coordination

With better communication coming from the patient, care-teams are able to coordinate care more efficiently. Nurses can anticipate a patient’s need prior to arriving at the room and connect with a patient even when they do not share the same language.

Real-time Analytics

All interactions are captured and analyzed in realtime to empower administrators and care-teams. VerbalCare provides actionable insight into the patient care experience.

Patients - Nurses - Administrators



Stronger connection with care-team and family.

Proactively engaged in care.

It is clear, current technologies leave patients vulnerable and un-empowered. Regardless of health condition, language or age, VerbalCare engages patients in their care through intuitive, personalized communication solutions. VerbalCare provides patients with a revolutionary way to communicate with their caregivers and engage with their care, which in turn improves patients' safety, satisfaction and management of care.


Better informed of patient needs.

Automated care coordination.

More time to care.

VerbalCare is as much for nurses as it is for the patients. As preemptive communication is at the backbone of the patient’s experience, the seamless delivery of patient needs and coordination of care is the heart of the nurses’ experience. VerbalCare helps to save nurses time and footsteps, while also giving them better knowledge and control of their patient’s needs. Through VerbalCare, non-medical needs can be delegated to nurses assistants, while critical needs (such as choking, pain or needing to go the bathroom) can be automatically directed to RNs or LPNs. Importantly, we are driven to provide a tool for nurses that enhances their workflow, but does not define it.


Unprecendented insights into patient and nursing needs.

Improved efficiency and patient satisfaction.

For administrators of healthcare institutions, VerbalCare captures and analyzes interactions that were previously untracked.  These analytics help both clinicians and administrators to identify trends in patient needs and workflow challenges.  As patient-centered care aims to improve care outcomes and patient experience, VerbalCare provides healthcare leaders a platform to achieve the highest standards.

Getting Started

Interested in trying VerbalCare?

We currently offer a commitment-free evaluation period for patient-centered care institutions looking to advance the patient experience for all patient types. Through the initial pilots, hospitals will play an important role to help shape and advance VerbalCare to deliver the next generation of quality care. The Verbal team will work hand-in-hand with nurses to custom tailor our platform to fit seamlessly with your existing workflow.